The finest meats from New Zealand right to your front door!

You can’t be in this business for too long without hanging around people who love great grass‐fed meat nearly as much as we do. Our friends and family often ask us just where they can get some of the delicious range of meats we sell, other than inviting themselves over for dinner.

With that in mind we’ve decided to offer out a selection of our fine products to our mates for delivery to your home. We hope you’ll enjoy them!

  • Shipping starts at $90 for anywhere else in the continental US for orders up to 20lbs.
  • Your order will be shipped either overnight or 2-day via OnTrac or FedEx(with dry ice or gel blocks to keep it cold) to your door. You may want to arrange for someone to be present, if nobody is at home the order will be left at the door.
  • Out of Stock items: Once your order is placed, you will be notified by the following business day if an item is out of stock.
  • Please Note: We only ship out on Monday – Wednesday (assuming 5-day work week). Orders must be received by Tuesday, 5pm PST in order to ship the same week. Orders received after Tuesday, 5pm PST will ship the following Monday or Tuesday.

See what customers are saying:
"A friend had us over for dinner and we had both the beef and lamb there. It was fantastic." - Scott Seidenstricker
"This was the best piece of meat (charred bovine) that I have ever eaten." - James Johnson

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Grass Fed New Zealand Meats

Grass Fed Striploin Well Marbled Steaks - 16 10oz steaks

Grass Fed Striploin Well Marbled Steaks - 16 10oz steaks

At last, 100% grass-fed beef with the flavor, marbling and succulence you’ve been looking for! Truly a natural beef, our striploins are 100% grass-fed, free range New Zealand beef, and never ever treated with hormones. 

Beef lovers know that this is the way beef was meant to taste. To try it is to believe! You will love the story and provenance of this natural grass-fed beef as much as its tenderness, succulence and 100% real beef flavor.

Grass Fed Striploin Well Marbled Steaks, 10oz, 16/Case

10 oz ea.
16 per Case
Min. case weight: 10 lbs

"1. The steaks arrived this morning, and I immediately took them over to our local butcher -- he's a friend. I had him cut two steaks (each 1 1/4" thick) -- the remainder were cut, vacuum sealed, laid out and they're now freezing. I'll pick them up tomorrow. The butcher commented on the high quality -- I provided him with a bit of the story. I asked him whether he would be interested in carrying the steak, and he inquired about how much it would cost. He said it was doubtful any of his customers would pay more than about $20 per pound for any steak. I told him I have no idea how much his cost would be -- I did not tell him what I paid for it. I'll give him your contact information (and a copy of Mark's book) tomorrow when I pick up the steaks.
2. I took the steaks out of the fridge to reach room temperature about one hour before cooking.
3. I used my new Wolf griddle (not grill) to cook the steaks -- about 5 minutes on each side (medium rare). I placed a touch of Brittany sea salt on each side while cooking. The finished steaks are in one of the pictures (attached) -- they look overdone but they're not.
4. I waited about 7 minutes to cut the steaks. The bottom of the plate immediately filled with juice (see attached picture). I sprinkled a bit more Brittany sea salt on the cut steak, and then served it.
It was spectacular. My son and I were the lucky recipients tonight -- my wife is on travel. There was a particularly pleasing aftertaste that I've never had before -- not even from Wagyu steak I've eaten elsewhere. My son Ricky (age 23) said the same thing. The Brittany sea salt enhanced the flavor even more.
As Mark knows now, after reading his book, I've become somewhat of a steak snob. In a way, my taste for steak has declined because I've been unable to find anything that even remotely resembles the description of the best steak in his book -- until now. This steak qualifies as the best I've ever had!! I do not give this endorsement lightly -- if I didn't like it, I would let you know.
I'll be spreading the word, but I have to be careful because for the moment at least, it's not available. I'll have some friends and the rest of the family over within the next month, and I'll prepare a meal for a foodie friend as well.
That's all for now. Thanks for the experience -- I live for them." - J.O.

$ 120.50