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Grass Fed New Zealand Lamb Rack - 23lbs

Grass Fed New Zealand Lamb Rack - 23lbs

Pilot New Zealand Lamb Racks—the “Rolls Royce” of frenched lamb racks, always a chef favorite, and the premier center of plate item. An elite standard of preparation is required for the Pilot Frenched Rack, 8 perfect ribs every time allows for preparation of 8, 4, or 2 rib portions without waste. Each rack is wet aged prior to quick freezing to seal in that guaranteed tenderness.

A perfect 8‐rib rack is removed from the carcass between the forequarter and the short loin. Chine and feather bones are carefully removed, and ribs cut evenly to 3” from the eye (at the loin end). The fat cap is removed and ribs evenly machine frenched 11⁄2” from the rib ends.

18 pieces (est.)
20-22 oz Each
Est Carton weight 23 lbs.

"I ordered a case of the lamb racks and they were phenomenal. They had a really nice delicate lamb flavor, not overpowering, and really a perfect size. I thought one rack would be too small for two full portions, but they turned out perfect. I am going to place another order today for something fun." - K.M.

$ 300.00