Grass Fed Wagyu Burgers - 10 1lb burgers

Grass Fed Wagyu Burgers - 10 1lb burgers
These delicious, juicy burgers will have beef lovers coming back for more! Truly a natural burger, Pilot Brands’ grass-fed Wagyu (Kobe style) burgers are 100% grass-fed, free range New Zealand beef, and have never ever been treated with hormones.

We reckon that these burgers may well be some of the best you’ve ever tasted—at least that’s what we’re hearing from people who’ve tried them! Why not sample some for yourself—we’re sure you’ll love their succulence and 100% real beef flavor.

Grass Fed Wagyu Burgers, 2 x 8oz Pack, New Zealand , 10/Case

1lb ea.
10 burgers per Case
10lbs Total
$ 59.50