Grass Fed Wagyu Ground Beef - 10lbs

Grass Fed Wagyu Ground Beef - 10lbs
At last, 100% grass-fed beef with the flavor, marbling and succulence you’ve been looking for! Truly a natural beef, FirstlightTM grass-fed Wagyu (“Kobe”) ground beef are 100% free range grass-fed New Zealand beef, never ever treated with hormones.

Beef lovers know that this is the way beef was meant to taste. To try it is to believe! You will love the story and provenance of this natural grass-fed beef as much as its tenderness, succulence and 100% real beef flavour.

Grass Fed Wagyu Ground Beef, 1lb, New Zealand, 10/Case

1lb ea.
10 per Case
10lbs Total

"This note was intended to be sent a couple of weeks ago. Just wanted to let you know the burgers were VERY good!! I expect to be ordering more, and other items soon. I’ll spread the word.” - M.H.
$ 59.50