Grass Fed Wagyu Beef Franks, Uncured - 48 dogs

Grass Fed Wagyu Beef Franks, Uncured - 48 dogs
These delicious, juicy franks will have hot dog lovers lining up for more! A succulent treat, our Pasture Perfect grass-fed Wagyu (American Kobe style) franks use only 100% grass-fed, free range New Zealand Wagyu beef from cattle never ever treated with hormones or steroids.

The franks are available are uncured, fully cooked, and gluten free. All natural ingredients are used, with no nitrates or nitrites except those naturally occurring in sea salt and celery powder. Try them— we reckon you’ll love them!

Grass Fed Wagyu Beef Franks, Uncured, 4 x 3oz Pack, 12/Case

3 oz ea.
4 per Pack
12 packs per Case
Min. case weight: 9 lbs

"My wife and I love the hot dogs! Last night we had the steak and it might have been the best I've had. Glad I stocked up!!”
- J.H.
$ 75.00