Grass Fed Ribeye Well Marbled Steaks - 16 10oz steaks

Grass Fed Ribeye Well Marbled Steaks - 16 10oz steaks

At last, 100% grass-fed beef with the flavor, marbling and succulence you’ve been looking for! Truly a natural beef, our ribeyes are 100% grass-fed, free range New Zealand beef, and never ever treated with hormones. 

Beef lovers know that this is the way beef was meant to taste. To try it is to believe! You will love the story and provenance of this natural grass-fed beef as much as its tenderness, succulence and 100% real beef flavour.

Grass Fed Ribeye Well Marbled Steaks, 10oz, 16/Case

10oz ea.
16 per Case
10lbs Total

"After opening and closing my freezer for 6 weeks—looking at the tasty morsels you bequeathed to me, I finally capitulated—defrosting and grilling one of the rib eyes (?) --It looked like a thick filet mignon. After a few minutes grilling with hot mesquite coals underneath, I tasted one of the steaks. Unfortunately, Hunter is with his mom and I couldn't coax him over to try it. The only thing that I added to the steak when grilling was freshly crushed garlic. After I took it off the grill I added a little sea salt. I am adding these excruciating details only to underscore my amazement and delight. This was the best piece of meat (charred bovine) that I have ever eaten. Yes, I did have a glass of wine with my dinner—but I don't believe my palate was impacted. Congratulations! Let me know whatever I can do to help you promote it in the Reno Metropolitan (I know, an oxymoronic phrase) area." - J.J.

$ 137.50